About History

Nurellysha Ellyana is the Founder & CEO of International Education’s Accredited Organization Associate that she has being build an global independent franchises company. Since year 2017 she had open Boyanese Traditional Massage company that has being 1st establish on social media and B2B direct sales. 

Nurellysha Ellyana given a message? 

As a human right’s we believe in the beauty of heart and the body of care that keep you health and good physical fit. Beauty is not only the way of the look and not on the body judgement but beauty is all everything that you have trust and good in your physical mind. Why Nurellysha Ellyana build Boyanese Traditional Massage Company in South East Asia and Europe?

Boyanese Traditional Massage is a traditional of the old generation of Nurellysha Ellyana grade grandparent of the family since 1819 that is the first of Singapore has being build the country. An since 1849 Boyanese Traditional Massage has being establish privately with health and physiotherapist treatment under medical health therapist’s that was in 19th century.

In year 2017 Boyanese Traditional Massage is the health industry that build a professional traditional medical treatment to help any kind of body age. It was not only about the beauty that Boyanese Traditional Massage doing but it make by the natural way of beauty treatment for overall of health and physical anatomy.

In year 2019 Nurellysha Ellyana was travelling around the world to find the idea and build the history of Boyanese Traditional Massage but finally Nurellysha Ellyana she set up two more company in United Kingdom (London) and (Scotland)  of GIBCT Examination Academy and GIBCT Orgnaization Associate.

Massimo Martella

Senior Instructor

Nurellysha Ellyana

Founder & CEO

Tamas Pali

Senior Team Manager

We’re GIBCT Examination Academy team that bring thousand of experience skills technique to our client’s.We believe that the vision to be a qualified  professional beauty cosmetology & therapist you need to understand about Physical Health Therapist, Medical Therapist, Nutrition and Beauty. the most important is customer service that how our team perform


Senior Therapist


Senior Team Leader


Senior Therapist


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