Welcome to Boyanese Traditional Massage home, as our company was founded in 1960 and the Boyanese Traditional Massage Company has being established in year 2017 that was been located in Singapore.

In year 2018 Boyanese Traditional Massage has built an establishment in United Kingdom (London) for the first time of the business. We trade our business for the globalization on the traditional massage & physiotherapist health care treatments to all our client’s needs.

As we are an International Independent companies that provider higher level in the massage industry that base in South East Asia and Europe. We believe in only sourcing ethically service that we provide with our professional skills and technique.

We know that massage is an essential part of health regime along with balanced diet, quality sleep and physical activity. We advise our client’s to receive regular massage in order to release stress of everyday life to treat medical condition in non-intensive way.

We passionately believe that prevention your health is better to get medical massage treatment and to prevent from other medicine.
Boyanese Traditional Massage is helping people who have medical condition as in BACK PAINT, STRESS TENSION, SLEEP DISORDER, and ACCIDENT INJURY AND MORE.

All our professional therapist are train and guided by our supervise expert to ensure that our client’s safe and effective before the massage treatment start.
As for our consent is to prevent our client’s if they have any medical condition we advise to consult doctor before our professional therapist accepts client’s appointment.
Our company Boyanese Traditional Massage are providing a professional massage service with no special service request that required by our client’s. We believe that massage is a hobby to our entire professional therapist that gaining their goal to achieve in future to be a professional health medical therapist that helping client’s needs.

Singapore Office

Address: 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City 573969 Singapore

Tel: (65) 3159 1506

Email: admin@boyanesemassage.com

Website: https://www.boyanesemassage.com

London Office

Address: 27 old gloucester st, holborn, wc1n 3ax, London United Kingdom

Tel: (44) 20 3488 5531

Email: admin@boyanesemassage.com

Website: https://www.boyanesemassage.com

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