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If you are looking for awesome massage therapist for home treatments, You have come to the right place.

Boyanese Traditional Massage (Home Spa) will deliver to your home residential, hotel and corporate office. We are 1st top rated company that give you professional massage service.

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Welcome to Boyanese Traditional Massage home, as our company was founded in 1960 and the Boyanese Traditional Massage Company has being established in year 2017 that was been located in Singapore.

In year 2018 Boyanese Traditional Massage has built an establishment in United Kingdom (London) for the first time of the business. We trade our business for the globalization on the traditional massage & physiotherapist health care treatments to all our client’s needs.

As we are an International Independent companies that provide higher level’s in the massage industry that base in South East Asia and Europe. We believe in only sourcing ethically service that we provide with our professional skills and technique Self-care, Mindfulness, Stress management, Mental wellness, Whatever you call it we all need more of it.

That’s is one of the reasons we started Boyanese Traditional Massage when you feel great everything else will gets easier. However, looking after yourself is easier said than done especially in a city.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make it more affordable convenient and enjoyable to give yourself 60 to 120 minutes of me time through treatments like massage, manicures, facials and physiotherapist.

As we has connect with 1000’s of qualified massage therapist,  to insured on hand-picked practitioners, so that our professional masseuse is ready to come to your home residential or in your office that we operate 24 hour.

There are few selection service menu on our online treatments available, from Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage and more treatments, especially the physical of medic health care that we recommended to our client’s who need physiotherapist specialist treatment if you has a serious injury or surgery.

Trusted practitioners on the platform have an average rating of 4.9/5 through our platform, so you relax knowing that they’ll leave you feeling rehabilitated, refocused and ready to take on the world. All it takes is four taps on the app and your at-home treatment is booked. 

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